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Not On My Watch Sonny Jim

So I am literally writing this sat on the landing having to police my three unruly children, that, despite the fact they are 7 and 3 (twins) are determined to stay up and play schools till the wee small hours.  Well ‘not on my watch sonny Jim’, I tells ya.

This is so hard as I try to be a kind and fair father, but when it gets to this time and they are being cheeky (nice way of saying little sh**s) all I want to do is scream at the top of my lungs and tear out my eyes. Is that normal?………………….  yea probs.

How does this work, I thought that when they got to this age I would be able to talk and negotiate with them,  little did I know that the little sods would have the audacity to say NO.

Well they won’t get the better of me, I’m a survivor and the king of my own Kingdom, I won’t be told what to do by the smaller people (although it does seem to have gone quiet so I am typing very slowly in case I wake said smaller folk).

I hope that this phase passes by soon, I really do.  All that keeps swimming round in my head is the U2 Mantra, “It’s just a moment , this time will pass”, wish it would get a bloody move on though.

Oh well, any other sympathetic dads out there that want to advise me or just fell my pain please do, love to hear from you.

Dads supporting dads.

Dad on Dad action……. wait err no, ignore that and please don’t google it (chuckling to myself like Daddy Pig)

See you soon folk and don’t let the Bastards grind you down.

I need a brew, it’s been one of those days.

So today I have had all three of the little rascals to deal with.  I took my six-year-old daughter and two-year old twins to soft play.  This was my genius idea, I need to do some reading for my next Uni assignment, so I will take it with us and I can read whilst they play.  What could go wrong?  pretty much nothing.

We got there early, it was nice and quiet and all three nut cases were very excited, except their imbecile dad forgot his wallet.  So we had to turn around and go home again (twins screaming all the way, and calling me ‘A meanie’).  Twenty minutes later we were back at square one waiting to go in (this time with funds for the job).

In we get and off they go.  I started to read but soon had to get them all drinks as they came back, already red-faced and panting, they are hardcore players.

As part of my Uni work I am reading a speech about how we are responsible for each and every young persons voice to be head and appreciated.  It got me thinking of my brood and just how proud of them and lucky I am. I sometime suffer with SDS Soppy dad syndrome ha ha.

I looked back to me becoming a parent and how my life got flip-turned upside down (just like the Fresh Princes).

I remember the first time I became a dad and it was all a little overwhelming.  It was my best friend Chris who gave me some of the best advice I ever received, I will share it with you now, you lucky things.  He said, basically, ‘Ignore everyone’s advice, except his and doctors’,  he explained (with spooky accuracy) that our families were about to go crazy and we would see them more that ever before, and that they would all tell us what to do and how to do it, but that I should resist this advice and go with what I felt was right.  You will nearly always achieve the same outcomes but you will have done it your own way.  He told me to remember that I was clever strong and sensible and even after the first day there is no one on the earth that will know that baby better than me and it’s mother.

It was what I needed to hear, because, others advice is how they would do things and if you try it their way and fail, it makes you feel like a failure (pretty much our experience of trying to breast feed, but that’s for another time).  So relax think about what you want to achieve, how to achieve it and crack on, if it doesn’t work try something else that makes sense to you,  you will get there sooner or later and don’t think there is only one way to do things.  Pay attention to the baby cos they get pretty good at telling you if something is working or not.

So that’s my advice to any first time or soon to be parents out there, trust yourself and enjoy it.  Don’t ignore everyone around you, you can’t do it without them, listen to their advice but try it your way.  Let them know that when you need help you will ask, tell them the best thing they can do is support you, by just being there and listening to you (not forgetting, making you a brew and letting you go for a wee ha ha).

Good luck and good health.

As I sit here, back home and sipping my well deserved cup of tea, I will leave you with the advice I tell myself every day.  Don’t think about the destination, instead try to enjoy the journey, it will all be over before we know it.

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