It’s true, I absolutely love podcasts.  It all started a few years ago.  I have a ten year old blonde Labrador called Gus and he likes to walk, a lot.  I soon realised that this time, 4o mins to an hour a day spent walking, was valuable.  All I ever did was listen to music (on my then i-pod nano).  The thing was though, I found it really difficult listening to music at six in the morning, it felt more like a chore than anything else, and people sounded just too happy.

It was then that I discovered audio books, I spent weeks and months chewing my way through Haruki Murakami novels and classics like Anna Karenina, Frankenstein, Sherlock Holmes and many, many more.

I Googled ‘best  audio books’ and it came up with an episode of the BBC’s ‘A Good Read Podcast’.  I downloaded it and listened.  Suddenly, ‘welcome to a bigger world Paul!  Where have you been?’

I got a podcast manager for my Android phone called – Podcast Addict, I haven’t looked back since.


This is how it looks, so easy to use and makes accessing great content super easy (Apple users can just use i-Tunes, ptchhh having everything handed to you on a plate).

So here be a list of my ten….yes ten favourites.



Okay so this is a bit of my inner geekness slipping out.  Yes its a podcast about a computer game.  However it may seem geek like, but it has an amazing story set before the events of Halo 5.  How a journalist aims to search out the truth and how difficult that can be when powerful people don’t want you to.  Well worth a listen.

9. Serial Season 1


The 2014 story of Adnan Syed, who was convicted of his girlfriends murder in 2000.  He is still in prison for this crime, but with very little evidence and conflicting accounts you will be screaming at your phone about how this is could happen.  This podcast has you hooked all the way along. The first podcast series I listened to and it is great.  If you watched Making a Murderer on Netflix, you will love it.

8. Myths and Legends Podcast


This has to get a mention.  Jason has obviously worked tirelessly to make this show work. He draws on his love for Folklore and history to bring stories from the past back to life and into the cultural conscience once more.  Whether its the trials of Hercules or the real Little Mermaid, the stories are always interesting and entertaining. A great show.

7. Podcast Unlocked


This is an Xbox podcast done in a chatty style discussing all news, new releases and early plays of games in the Xbox world.  A must listen if your into games, if not, erm don’t.

6. Tanis


This is a great series by PNWS (Pacific Northwest Stories).  Nic Silver takes you on a spooky journey through the Pacific Northwest , looking for runners, speaking with Merekatnip,  following clue after clue whilst ultimately searching for TANIS.

5. The Russell Brand Podcast


Russell Brand….Love him or hate him you do have an opinion (even if you are so cool you pretend you don’t).  I really like him and think he is just a person trying to do good, but bloody loves to show off.

This podcast has made me burst out laughing more than any other, and that looks just weird to other peeps when i’m out with the dog.  Very funny indeed.

Belly Bounce – Ling Long Ling

4. Distraction Pieces Podcast with Scroobius Pip


Fantastic, this is a podcast I have only just stumbled upon, still loads to troll through.  He is a cool guy interviewing other cool guys.  Just fun friendly chat with really interesting folk.  An easy listen and, as we see going forward, my favourite genre of podcast.


adam buxton

Yep you guessed it, it’s another  chatty exploration with  a celebrity (usually comedians) where Adam just chats to them (honestly just chats, what’s that about?).  It is very funny, intelligent and charming.  Just download, sit back, listen and laugh.

2. Richard Herring’s Leicester Square Theatre Podcast

richard herring

Or as the cool kids are calling it rhlstp.

Like the previous 2 podcasts its a chat, well I suppose this is a bit more of a show and interview.  A little more formal shall we say, as it’s recorded in front of an audience.  He’s always funny, sometimes cringe and sometimes just insulting, ha ha.  There are lots of archived shows to work your way through.  Some of my favourite interviewees so far have been, Simon Pegg, Sarah Millican, Adam Buxton, Steeve Coogan, Jon Ronson, Russell Brand and Bob Mortimer.  Listen to it NOW

1. The Black Tapes Podcast

black tapes

Another show from PNWS.  This spooky story will have you regularly checking your phone for new episodes to download.

It’s about a journalist, Alex Reagan and her search for truth form the enigmatic, Dr. Strand, the founder of the Strand Institute.  Upon discovering Strands Black Tapes Alex’s world takes a different and sometimes troubled path.  Also………..No I will let you see for yourself.  Just make sure to listen.

So there you have it, my top ten of podcasting excellence, a few more that are still great but didn’t make the cut:  The West Wing Weekly Podcast, The Truth, The Public Philosopher and The Infinite Monkey Cage.

So if you fancy a change to just listening to tunes give them a go, they are great and FREE, what have you got to lose.

Please let me know some of your favourites, I am always after new things to listen to.

To all you lovely folk

I will see you in a bit. (cheeky wink and charismatic smile)