With lent nearly upon us, I am taking the opportunity to combine two of my recent blog-urges, to try posting on the go using the app and to simply blog more.

I am setting myself a target of at least once a week for a more lengthy blog and once for an app post (so twice a week then, I can hear you all say).

Blogging is important to me but like most things in my life at the minute (like playing the guitar, reading or woodwork) it will happen only when I get round to it. Work takes up a lot of my time and the remainder seems to be taken up with, tidying the house washing up or stopping the kids killing each other.

So this is it the first ‘app blog’ and I have to say, like the legend before me Louis Walsh (in a cheesy Irish accent) “I like it”. It isn’t as difficult to write on as I imagined it would be (although please ignore any predictive text blunders) and I must admit there’s a lot less faffing around using images than on the laptop. I am sure that this will help me blog more, sorry Facebook and Twitter, but if I can blog on the go I am sure that my use of these apps will take a hit.

So on the whole I’m impressed, I have yet to try other features but I will get round to it as time goes on.

Stay lucky people and I will see you soon.