So we have recently had our ten-year anniversary, yay us, unfortunately for a number of reasons we have yet to properly celebrate (child-care, work commitments and university all getting in the way).

But a recent conversation with a friend reminded me of some of our anniversaries gone by, when, as new parents money was almost none existent.  I though I would take this opportunity to share these nuggets of relationship gold with you lucky folk today.

It’s very unusual that my wife and I manage to have the day off together without the kids, let alone on our anniversary, but on rare occasions and when the planets aligned perfectly (and the good grace of our long suffering parents) it has happened.   When the kids where younger and money was tighter than my trousers at a buffet we did mange to spend some time celebrating our anniversary together.

A few years ago we got such an opportunity, but with nothing planned and little cash we were struggling.  We live near Lytham a lovely seaside town in Lancashire with views of Southport.  On the main road there are lots of quaint tea-rooms bars and the like, but there are also lots of good quality charity shops (thrift stores for our American brethren).  I planned the day, that we would get £15 each and have to buy something for each other.  We were only allowed to use charity shops.  Then after two hours we met up and presented each other with the gifts over tea and cake, it was lovely.  That’s the first, feel free to nick, pinch, take,steal, lift, swipe or half-inch it.


I think this could also be expanded on with a little more money.  Rather than buying each other something, instead shop together and put what you buy into an auction and try to make a little money whist having a great experience, the Dickinson Real Deal Anniversary Day Out ha ha.

The second is similar to the first but indulges both of our love for books.  Again on an anniversary we had nothing planned but a bit more money (not for the day but for a more swanky meal).  We drove to Southport for the day.  They have an amazing bookshop called Broadhursts Bookshop.  It is a four floor book shop combining new, second-hand and collectible books.  Heaven for book lovers, but also I think you could find something for everyone.  We were challenged to pick three books each for the other person.  We were up and down the stairs passing each other hiding what you have already decided on whilst trying to sneak a peak at what had been chosen for you.  This was lots of fun and took ages.  Then over dinner we presented each other with our pickings one book at a time and a reason for our choices.

The beauty of days like these, is that having little money takes out the materialism of the anniversary and you spend a large chunk of the day thinking about your partner and ways of making them happy.  They are much more memorable days, so much so in fact that I struggle to remember other anniversaries as they were probably just a meal out (please don’t kill me if I have forgotten something big).

So there you go a few little anniversary ideas, a gift from me to you.

Always remember that necessity is the mother of invention and you don’t have to spend a lot to get massive rewards.

Stay creative people