So I recently treated myself to a new toy, and learnt that it was possible to become even more of a geek! Therefore, unfortunately this post will be me Droning (pun absolutely 100% intended 😉 )

Yep, you guessed it ‘It’s a DRONE baby. I’ve gone full mid-life and splashed out on a, half-way decent, flying camera contraption. It was only a few hundred pounds, so that I could get used to it and see if I enjoy the pastime. Don’t panic, I didn’t go full on Mavic (insider quip about a range that can cost north of 1k, geeks out there nodding their heads in recognition right-about-now). The drone I bought was the JJRC X9 Heron.

In case you can’t tell, I do like it (I can hear the gasps of shock from each and every one of you). It feels like this is my, Geekvolutionary next step, as it were.

Believe or not there is genuine reasoning behind my motives. Growing up I always had a taste for adventure, I loved exploring and traditional boys type stuff, like: camping, fishing and general outdoor pursuits. Couple that with my love for tech, gadgets, video games and super heroes you have one complete (and somewhat chubby) little me. My parents always accepted me for who I was, but these sides of me were never nurtured by them. My mum was busy being a mum and doing practically everything in the house for everyone. My dad on the other hand was into sport (and drinking), and whilst I liked football, I could take it or leave it really. I did however manage to talk him into taking up fishing later on, and spent many great weekends learning the ins and outs of course fishing. I loved spending time with my older brother, playing video games and the like, some of the funniest and most treasured moments in my life stem from spending my youth with him, he was cool and caring (in his way), but he was never the outdoor type.

What I’m taking so long to say, I guess, is that I don’t my kids growing up standing on the sidelines wishing that it was them that had the RC Car or that they have to explore their own interests on their own. I want to get them interested in things early on so that they have things in their life to invest in and have a great excuse to meet like-minded folk. And ultimately have a give-it-a-go attitude.

As I’m writing this it occurs to me that I may be exercising some long held, deep rooted issues about my youth. Oops. Don’t get me wrong I’m not complaining about my youth I had a great time but I do feel like I could possibly have had more adventures. But I do also believe it’s a lot easier these days and I may have more opportunities and easier access to things than my parents had.

All in all I can tell you that, droning (if that’s even a word) is great. It helps you feel like a big bloody kid whilst at the same time giving you a sense of exploration, seeing things from an angle you normally can’t or seeing/finding new things all together. I can certainly recommend it as a hobby. But that’s it, urges satisfied as far as remote control gadgets are concerned. All I need now is erm……. a more expensive drone, a racing drone and an RC Car, then I am definitely done (Shhhhhhhh 😉 ).

Hope to bring you more from drone-world soon.

So till next time peeps XXXX