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August 2017

Family Festival Fun

So last week we managed to get away as a family (such a long time coming) and it was a bloody blast. We managed to scrape together enough money to go and stay with family up near Edinburgh. Tranent if we’re being pedantic about it.

We love being there when the Fringe is on. So much to see and do and not just in the city.

One of our best days out was at East Links Farm, the kids absolutely loved it. They had everything there from a huge wooden castle to a ski slope. It had it all with trains, go-kart and wild animals to boot. I can’t recommend this enough but be warned it was £15 a head for the day but deals can be found if you look about.

We started the holiday by visiting the beach at Portabello near Musselburgh (feature image).

The kids also loved visiting Dalkeith Country Park it had lovely grounds and a great adventure playground for just £1 per head (bonus) . It also had nice shops and a cafe for the grown ups (so we can pretend to be sophisticated n’all that).

The best day for us was when the family baby sat for the afternoon and evening. Ah heaven, we certainly made the most of it. My better half had a show at the Edinburgh Book Festival whilst I wandered round and soaked up the atmosphere.

Meandering around I managed to book in to see two great comedy shows. The amazing Richard Herring and the hilarious Adam Riches.

It was an amazing night and a flashback to our pre-kid days. “Oh Happy Days…”

The holiday was all capped off by a childrens event in the book festival by Children’s Laureate Michael Rose. It was a great show, he is so skilled at talking TO children not at them, a new family favourite I think. It was whilst here I realised I was a fully paid up member of the Dad Brigade. Every dad there had a back-pack crammed full of solutions for every eventuality. We are like holiday soldiers preparing for battle, proud warriors.

If you ever get a chance Edinburgh in August is a must, so vibrant and full of life, you won’t regret it.

Love you all, bye.

Bucket List, Why Wait?

It’s never to late to start ticking stuff off the old bucket list.  Thinking about it I have begun to  cross a few off.  I have managed to see some great artists that helped shape my youth, last year I saw Bryan Adams at the Lytham Festival and this year they managed to secure ‘the rocksteady beat of Madness’.  They were awesome, from start to finish ending with 40 minutes of pure Madness classics, seriously think I lost about 4lb’s dancing to it.

Other items off my list that I am addressing are, losing weight.  My current loss stands at 2st 3lb in a mere 12 weeks (fingers crossed it continues), I got a 2:1 BA Hons degree and at the end of the month I start guitar lessons.


So what’s left on there that still needs doing?

Well the obvious will always be on there, continue to be the best dad I can be (it’s by far the most important to me), learn a new language (but the older I get the more feasible just speaking louder becomes), completing the Three Peaks Challenge, to climb the three biggest peaks across the UK in 24hrs,………….. erm, oh I know, become a bestselling novelist, lets just call that a work in progress, given that I have absolutely no ideas and haven’t written a word.

Now an old dude that things that get me excited are thinking about old dude things like DIY, choosing a shed and flying drones n’stuff.

So my advice to you is to get thinking about what’s on your list and get ticking, don’t wait to start achieving your goals as it may end up being too late soon.

But as always the one thing I hope me and my family achieve is HAPPINESS

Keep searching folks and let me know what is on your lists.


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