Okay, so my last post was about how hard it was being in this spiralling mess of redundancy and the  massive emotional impact it has on you.  My heart really does go out to everyone going through it .

Then, just like that, the very day after my last post up pops a job offer.  I couldn’t believe it, I honestly couldn’t.  Life is so peculiar that way.  I have been waiting till now to find out where I’ll be based and yesterday  I got the news I was waiting for.  Fortunately I will be based near home, things are turning out well.

So with an end in sight, what have I learnt.  I think it’s a bit early to tell (sure it will be a valuable life lesson though) but for now the overriding feeling is relief, relief an exhaustion.  I feel like I can breath and relax again in the knowledge that thinks will be okay.  At least that’s the plan, and thing always go to plan.  Right?

The job itself was the most difficult recruitment process I’ve been involved in.  Firstly there was a large application form, then an online test, lots of vetting documents and then an assessment centre  for the final crescendo.  This was a round robin of interviews, written activities and case-studies.   It was a hell of ride.  But in some ways (no many ways) I prefer this, it gives employers an idea of what you would be like at the job as opposed to what you are like at answering ten questions under pressure.

I can already feel myself becoming calmer and happier, I had no idea how much I needed the validation and social aspects of work.  But from here on in I know that I can get through things, I have great people around me and I value them more than ever as a result of this time.


I truly hope that you are riding atop a peak of life, and if you find that you are in one of life’s troughs know that you will soon be on the up again.

Love ya.