So if you remember a few blog posts back I talked bout the sexy new road bike that I treated myself to.

Well this weekend I was planning to get it out there and start to ride it,  I did, and far more than I was expecting to.

It all started with a phone call from my brother-in-law, Ewen, to say that he was stuck in traffic and that his SatNav said he would have a 2 hour wait.  He text me and told me to go on my own.  I did, I managed to get about 5 miles away when he text again to say the traffic cleared up and he was here and ready to ride.

I turned round and headed back, by the time I met him I had already done ten miles but we decided to carry on, another 12 miles later I felt pretty damn chuffed with myself I don’t mind telling you.

That night I drove to a Bryan Adams concert, It was amazing!  I left the car there and thought we could cycle there the next day to pick it up.  We did’ but it turned out to be another 20 miler and half of that was into horrendous wind.  I had to be a flakey sod on the last quarter and  sit at the back because my quads were dying.

So as you can imagine after a weekend of riding I was almost dead, a real baptism of fire. Then, (enter stage left) my mate Walshy text,  Shall we ride this week?  Turns out the best day for this was Monday evening.  NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

So tired I went out with Walshy.  It felt good though, bit windy at times but a pleasant ride and great company.  As you can imagine though I rested my ass off yesterday and now am stiff as a board.

So here are the journeys a total of 53.5 miles over the weekend.  I know some people do this as one journey, but hey, it’s a big deal to me.

I was wondering which cycle computer to buy, Katseyes, Garmin etc but I must say that Strava (a free app on the phone, there is a pro edition also) does everything I need and makes it super easy to share with folk, so I would say don’t bother, just make sure you have take a charger stick with you.

Loving the tech and couldn’t believe my eyes when the quickest I got up to was 28mph, ON A BIKE, if someone had told me at the time though I would have tried to squeeze another 2mph out to make it to an even 30, ha ha.

Bikes give such a good cardio workout with very little impact.  Great times.

Get a bike, get on it, ride, explore, laugh, cry & enjoy.

Love ya’s