Okay, so the title’s a bit dramatic.

I love, and have always loved cycling, however, I have only ever ridden mountain bikes “but times they are-a-changin”.  (cheers Bob)

I recently invested in a decent entry-level road bike.  I have my mate Walshy  to thank for talking me into that one (although the conversation only lasted about a minute before I was sold).

It was a snip at just £420, thanks to a Giant bike sale.  I also saved money by getting it through the Cycle to Work scheme so I get a tax discount as well.

How is it? I hear you cry……..well it’s actually great.  I love it and can see all of my wages disappearing on cycling gear already.  (Midlife crisis much).


Here she is in all her splendour.

I have been on two rides this week, not very long or not too stressful and my backside is already complaining.  But I am enjoying it and searching around for some different organised rides to jump on.

I figure it’s a great way to get and stay healthy and  it seems like a great social investment too (not to mention it’s also a great Pokemon hunting machine).

It’s a good option if you want to get out there to improve your health and meet new people and it won’t break the bank.  If you love it you can always get a better bike later.  And don’t worry about looking silly, you won’t and people will help you get started if you ask.

There’s tonnes of advice out there.  I have just subscribed to the  GCN (Global Cycling Network) channel on Youtube and it’s packed with helpful advice and videos.

Get one, get on it and go,  you will pick it up easily, it’s just like riding a bike (chuckle to myself, at the worst pun today).

Hope to see you all out there.

Hugs and kisses to you all