So this week I have been experimenting with my new toy.  It’s a fitness tracker called a Jawbone 24 (I know, I know how late to the party am I?).

The reason I got one? well, I am naturally a dubious fellow and when a large tech organisation wants me to part with lots of pennies my inner skinflint screams NO.

However I got  a Groupon offer where I could get one of these bad boys for as little as £20.  Nice.  So I did a little research and it is very similar in performance (but the app is apparently a little better than) the Fitbit Flex.

The main reason for the price seemed to be the age.  This particular model being three years old.  So I felt it was a reasonable introduction to the world of tech aided training (or TAT for short, not sure if that’s a thing, i may just have invented it.  Am sure we can squeeze a wellbeing in there to complete my anagram.  Ha ha cheeky face).

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I’m a few days in now and  I have to say – I love it.  It’s great being able to track you steps and your sleeping patterns, although it goes into much more detail.  There is also a food tracker but that just seems like too much fuss for me.  I have set my sleeping goals at 7hr and mt step goal to 10,000.  This is great because it really does motivate you to just walk that little bit further (especially when out hunting Pokemon. #justabigbloodykid).  There is also a cool feature to add you workout and your mood so the app actually learns your patterns as it goes. I am finding the steps a little easy though, as running around after the twins is endless.  Added to that I have to take my dog Gus on two walks a day, he’s a ten yr old Labridiot, 50% Labrador and 50% Idiot.

If you are thinking of getting one I say do it you won’t be disappointed and it looks lovely too.

Stay luck you beautiful lot.

Speak soon