That’s life…..  Words of the late, great Frank Sinatra.  But that’s how I feel, I have been out of the health adventure for a few months now and to be honest, I’ve not really enjoyed it.  I have slumped back into my old ways, eaten my old foods and fallen back into my old body. Not good!

Now though I’m ready to start over, no excuses.  I am back on plan for a few weeks before I attempt Cycle 3 of the 90 Day SSS plan by the Body Coach.  So I’m moving forward after a hell of a list of set backs.

I try and make a conscious effort to focus on moving forward, looking at things positively and not to dwell on things that have happened, as they have a tendency to grab hold of you and keep you there.

My water bottle is filled up, the fruit and veg is bought and I’m raring to go on my first HIIT  (High Intensity Interval Training) in the morning.

Not only am I back on the health train, but back on the blog express and plan to write a lot more.  I feel myself wanting to speak more about stuff and the blog is the perfect outlet for my interests, worries and rants ha ha.  Especially given the state of the UK at the minute, don’t rant, don’t rant, don’t rant (my new mantra I say to myself almost daily recently).

So see you all soon

and a virtual High Five to you all