The hardest thing about stopping is starting again, as I have found out at my own cost.

Did I get my mojo back?  YES, well No, Maybe?

I let things slide for about three weeks, but worse than that, I slipped back into old habits (eating habits, that is).  I am shocked at how quickly you can undo all of your hard work.

But fear not my positivity always shines through, it’s never to late to start again, and I have a plan.  I have already completed cycles 1 &2 of the 90 day sss plan and seemed to stumble at the tought of starting cycle 3, so I just stopped, WHY?  I honestly have no clue but I did and that’s that, no point dwelling on the past.  Or as one of my favourite authors puts it ‘wallowing in sh*t isn’t the best way of getting clean’ – Milan Kundera.

To get back into it, today I started with a youtube HIIT (high intensity interval training, or summinc like dat).  I thought it went well, if you class well as being absolutely exhausted lying on your floor, face down, gasping for breath ten minutes in.  It seems that not only do you slip back into bad habits, but your fitness also takes a hike.  IT WAS TOUGH.

My plan is as follows: to eat healthily for a week and do some HIIT’s, then do a week of cycle 1, a week of cycle 2 before starting on cycle 3 proper, as judging on todays performance, jumping straight into cycle 3 will kill me, I’m not joking.

Not blogging hasn’t helped.  Things are busy at home, at work and I have started my final year at Uni (I know these all sound like excuses, but they are all I have.  Pretty sure the Xbox hasn’t helped in all this either).

So no more excuses I’m back on it, almost, and I plan to stick with it and see it through to the bitter end.

Wish me luck peeps and see you soon