Last week I said, ‘so long’ to Cycle 2 of the 90 day sss plan and for some reason I am having real issues starting Cycle 3.  I’m not worried or overwhelmed by starting the cycle, I know its going to be tougher and that’s fine.  But for some reason I am reluctant to start.

It’s true I was very disappointed to only lose five pounds through the second cycle, but not wholly surprised as I did cheat on the food a fair bit.   But that’s just between us, OK?  Shhhhh.

One thing that did help was a photo that appeared on my Facebook timeline.  Here is what five pounds of fat look like:

FB_IMG_1463694730733 So as you can see 5lb isn’t to be sniffed at it’s a fair old chunk of stuff.

There has been tonnes of stuff going on for me personally, I wonder when my mid-life crisis will happen, (assuming that it hasn’t already) what will it feel like and how will I act.

Enough of that though, time to re-board the Train of Thought. Chu-Chu



Where did the Mojo go?  I am still exercising and eating healthyish but just can’t bring myself to jump back on plan 100%

I’m sure this is just a temporary thing and the next time you hear from me I will be back in the swing-O’-tings, at least I hope so.

But in the meantime if you happen to find my motivation, please smack its bottom and send it straight home.

Signing off for now

See you all somewhere cyber.