So this week I reached the end of Cycle 2 on my 90 day sss plan.  Much like the end of the last cycle I felt the results were a little bitter/sweet.

Okay so I know that I have struggled with the food on this cycle and my  preparation skills have been somewhat lacking, however I was still disappointed to see only a 4lb drop.  So to get my own back on …erm, myself I guess, I had a bit of a blow out at the weekend.

Nevertheless, the morning after I though about the month just gone by and (cheat meals aside) I am pretty proud of myself.  I didn’t miss a single training session and my body feels much stronger and tighter as a result of introducing the weights into the mix.  My fat mass index is still dropping so just figure I have put on muscle this month (please let that be the case).

Here are my results so far:

Cycle 2 stats

Anyhoo I will push on, to quote the West Wing “Trust the captain, Trust the crew”.  I will once again put my faith in Joe Wicks and my coach, Josh.  I guess they call the scales the Sad Step for a reason.  The numbers are not exactly going for me but contrary to that, I have had more positive comments this cycle about my weight that at any other time so they can’t all be just being polite. Can they?

No that’s Stupid, Stupid oopid.  No room for negativity here.

So here’s to Cycle 3.  BRING IT ON.

Laters Peeps