Unfortunately this isn’t a post about the Hobbit (as much as I love the film) rather it’s about my ‘Journey into health’.

I think I had fallen into the trap of thinking that as I am on the 90 day sss plan, when I reach day 90 I will be cured of my general lardyness and become Mr. Fitness.  It’s only just recently that I was thinking about what the Body Coach has given me.  Yes it’s true that I am undoubtedly getting fitter and the weight is coming off (not as quickly as I want but it’s getting there) but to be honest the plan has given me so much more.

Exercise is now a part of my life, I value it enough to make time for it in my busy schedule (truth be told it’s an hour out of my life where I get to be alone and not really think about anything just getting through it).  If you had told me a few years ago that I would be regularly exercising and actually enjoying it I would have laughed at you and then tucked into some more Percy Pigs, ha ha.   Mmmmmmm Percy Pigs.

Not just the exercise though, I just feel better about myself as I know that I am making positive changes in my life, both mentally and physically, take doing this blog as an example.  I use it as a tool to help me focus on my health plan, it feels like verbalising it is making it real and helping me move forward.   I would hate to have to stop blogging because I fell back into old habits and became too embarrassed or ashamed to admit it (probably not the best reason but it’s how I feel and it’s helping).

I now realise that this plan doesn’t have all the answers and it won’t turn me into Bat-Hulk (the skills and badassery of Batman with the body of The Hulk).  But it has been a perfect introduction to taking back control of my life.  It has given me a great education in exercise and food, both how and when to eat certain things.

So I am on an adventure and the journey won’t end in three months, in-fact I hope it won’t end, that it just becomes part of who I am.  So thank you Joe Wicks for the best into to the rest of my (healthy and happy) life.

Keep enjoying your personal journeys, If I can do it anyone can trust me, confident wink.