So then, Cycle 2 of the 90 Day SSS plan has started off quite well.  The first barrier I came up against was the addition of weight training.  I not a member of a gym, not only that, I also had no weights.

Yep, pretty bad start.  I thought about joining a gym but with a family consisting of a wifey, three young children and a noisy Labrador, I couldn’t really afford the time to have a few hours away from home four times a week.  Determined to see the plan through I refused to let these details beat me.  I headed out and bought myself a basic weight set, cleared out the garage (three trips to the tip though) and constructed myself a bench, of sorts.  I did fancy buying a proper weight bench but I suffer from poorness and couldn’t find a decent second hand one.  Sad Face.

So yea with my home made gym ready to go (see above) I cracked on.

As mentioned, time is an expensive commodity and I don’t have all that much, so on training days I am up at 5am, yep 5am (grim) to walk the dog and get a workout in before the rabble wake up.  Stupidly I designed my plan so that I work on Legs first, that was not clever.  A week in and my quads are still tender.

I am enjoying the second part of the plan and very pleased that you get much more freedom on the food front.  I like the fact that I get to design my own meals again.  For some reason I have eased up on the food and am cheating a bit (Naughty Boy, smack my own wrists) but I haven’t missed any of the training sessions (self five) and really enjoy them.  I certainly feel more powerful since starting the weights.

One week in three left to go on Cycle 2 lets see how we get on

Stay positive folks