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April 2016

I’m going on an adventure

Unfortunately this isn’t a post about the Hobbit (as much as I love the film) rather it’s about my ‘Journey into health’.

I think I had fallen into the trap of thinking that as I am on the 90 day sss plan, when I reach day 90 I will be cured of my general lardyness and become Mr. Fitness.  It’s only just recently that I was thinking about what the Body Coach has given me.  Yes it’s true that I am undoubtedly getting fitter and the weight is coming off (not as quickly as I want but it’s getting there) but to be honest the plan has given me so much more.

Exercise is now a part of my life, I value it enough to make time for it in my busy schedule (truth be told it’s an hour out of my life where I get to be alone and not really think about anything just getting through it).  If you had told me a few years ago that I would be regularly exercising and actually enjoying it I would have laughed at you and then tucked into some more Percy Pigs, ha ha.   Mmmmmmm Percy Pigs.

Not just the exercise though, I just feel better about myself as I know that I am making positive changes in my life, both mentally and physically, take doing this blog as an example.  I use it as a tool to help me focus on my health plan, it feels like verbalising it is making it real and helping me move forward.   I would hate to have to stop blogging because I fell back into old habits and became too embarrassed or ashamed to admit it (probably not the best reason but it’s how I feel and it’s helping).

I now realise that this plan doesn’t have all the answers and it won’t turn me into Bat-Hulk (the skills and badassery of Batman with the body of The Hulk).  But it has been a perfect introduction to taking back control of my life.  It has given me a great education in exercise and food, both how and when to eat certain things.

So I am on an adventure and the journey won’t end in three months, in-fact I hope it won’t end, that it just becomes part of who I am.  So thank you Joe Wicks for the best into to the rest of my (healthy and happy) life.

Keep enjoying your personal journeys, If I can do it anyone can trust me, confident wink.


Where there’s a will….

So then, Cycle 2 of the 90 Day SSS plan has started off quite well.  The first barrier I came up against was the addition of weight training.  I not a member of a gym, not only that, I also had no weights.

Yep, pretty bad start.  I thought about joining a gym but with a family consisting of a wifey, three young children and a noisy Labrador, I couldn’t really afford the time to have a few hours away from home four times a week.  Determined to see the plan through I refused to let these details beat me.  I headed out and bought myself a basic weight set, cleared out the garage (three trips to the tip though) and constructed myself a bench, of sorts.  I did fancy buying a proper weight bench but I suffer from poorness and couldn’t find a decent second hand one.  Sad Face.

So yea with my home made gym ready to go (see above) I cracked on.

As mentioned, time is an expensive commodity and I don’t have all that much, so on training days I am up at 5am, yep 5am (grim) to walk the dog and get a workout in before the rabble wake up.  Stupidly I designed my plan so that I work on Legs first, that was not clever.  A week in and my quads are still tender.

I am enjoying the second part of the plan and very pleased that you get much more freedom on the food front.  I like the fact that I get to design my own meals again.  For some reason I have eased up on the food and am cheating a bit (Naughty Boy, smack my own wrists) but I haven’t missed any of the training sessions (self five) and really enjoy them.  I certainly feel more powerful since starting the weights.

One week in three left to go on Cycle 2 lets see how we get on

Stay positive folks


Trying To Age Gracefully

Dear readers forgive me it has been two weeks since my last confession.  Whilst away I reached the ripe old age of 37 (and yes I am still accepting gifts if you’ve got a few quid burning a hole in your pockets).

I finished Cycle 1 of the 90 day sss plan and gave myself a few days off before cracking on with Cycle 2 (my next post, watch this space).

To mark my birthday the wife and I took a rare day off together, without the kids and went for a day out.  With time and meal freedom, we headed up Nicky Nook, a big hill type thingy nearby followed by a lovely lunch at the Apple Store Cafe in Scorton.  It was a relaxed day and we got time to take some nice pictures (see above) and to just chat and be a couple.  Topped off later by a lovely Kebab and chips, but shhhhhhhhh just between us, wink.

It all got me thinking about time and how quickly it shifts along.  Both working full time, we are busy at the weekends doing chores and trying to make nice memories with the kids that we have forgotten about each other a bit, I guess most of us are a bit guilty of just sticking our heads down and getting on with life (fear not though we have pledged to take regular, kid free days off to redress the balance).

I think the thing I worry about is we just plough through life and over time things change.  If we are too busy to notice, so many things change that when we do notice we are miles away form where we thought we were.  I think the best way to combat this is to reflect on your day or week, think and talk about the things that have happened,  the things you want to happen and what you are going to do about it.  Try and notice the changes, fix them if they are bad or celebrate them if they are good.  Life really is about the little things I think.

Just some ramblings from your friendly neighbourhood blogger.

Oh, I also just wanted to say thanks to @thebodycoach for retweeting my blog as it got me lots of new readers and I talked with some lovely people because of it so credit where it’s due.

Stay saucy people


Endings and Beginnings

Okay,  so I have reached the end of Cycle 1 in my 90 Day SSS plan.  Looking back it has only been 30 days but for me it has felt like a lot longer, probably due to the fact that I have completely changed my eating habits and exercise routines (meaning that I am actually doing some).

It’s been a bit of an up and down month really,  one minute I’m confident as hell and can’t be touched and the next I am filled with doubt and question every decision I make.  I have experienced most emotions in regards to this plan but on the whole I’m glad that I have done it.

Let’s hope that I am able to see Cycle 2 through, because, although I don’t look like Channing Tatum yet (here’s hoping), I have felt the benefit of being on the plan.  I sleep much better (but think my kids sleeping better may have something to do with that), I feel more awake than before with no real sluggishness, my concentration span has greatly increased and best of all since starting I haven’t had any migraines.

I have lost about 10lbs so far.  Not the huge weight loss I wanted, but if I only do ten a month 30lbs isn’t to be sniffed at. I suppose it will just make me try harder on the next cycle (although it didn’t stop me treating myself to a cheeky Maccies for lunch, yum, and a few Guinness tonight I’m sure).

So here I am at the end of cycle 1 waiting to get cracking on Cycle 2 and finally get to eat something new.  I hope that a few of you follow me on the second leg of my journey its bound to be FANTASTIC, or at least slightly interesting.

Keep going, keep happy and keep laughing.

See you in a bit

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