Indeed.  I had the best intentions.  Honest.  I spent Friday as normal and saved my workout till I got home from work so that I could earn my night out.  All was going well,  Then I tipped over the edge and, somehow, became very drunk, wore a colleague’s fur coat and adopted the persona of a Viking (don’t ask).  We then headed to a club and I demanded that Vikings were allowed in for free due to our warrior status (failed).  The night passed in much the same vain with booze, dance and great company.  But with the added bonus of a pint of water and cold pizza that had been left out for a midnight/early morning feast for the returning warrior.

Not only did I not get up till the following midday, I ate like an idiot all day and dumped the 90 day sss plan.  I felt really guilty but it all tasted lovely.  The hardest thing was getting up on the Sunday and forcing my body back to exercise, back on track.  I managed to drag myself through the day and survive the weekend.

It’s now Monday and I feel stronger for straying (if that makes any sense at all) I am more determined than ever to see the plan out, so now I am pushing on with day 12 and up for the fight. Think some of the Viking persona still remains.


(Viking war cry…apparently)  TTFN