Hello all,  well I’m  ten days in to the 90 Day SSS plan and feeling pretty good, if I do say so myself.  There are however a few gripes, my main one being eggs.  They seem to be everywhere and in everything.  I don’t mind eggs in themselves, but when I have them every day I find it too much.  I can avoid them if I prepare but there is nothing else that I can prepare quickly.  Guess it means I need to be more of a Boss when prepping or connect with my inner egg lover.

My only other gripe comes from my deep rooted Northerness,  basically a hatred of spending money.  This plan is very expensive and not to be taken up lightly.  However in order to make a ‘life-change’ I guess there needs to be some challenges to overcome.

On I brighter note I am noticing differences.  I still look the same and doubt I have lost much weight, if any considering the HUGE potions of food.  But I do feel far less sluggish, I am more awake and I can feel my body becoming much stronger (don’t tell anyone but I actually feel a bit guilty on days when I’m not working out.  Whats happened to me!), and I have noticed that my attention span has increased.  It’s only recently that, thinking back, I haven’t had Sugar for ages and not really missing it.  YET.

There has been three massive saving graces to this plan though however:

1 – The Build Up Bagel –  After a workout there is nothing better than attacking a huge sandwich (drooling on the keyboard as we speak)

2 – Decaf Tea – I can still have my brew of an evening with a splash of milk.  Phew gives me a little grounding in normality

3 – Jelly, Yoghurt Thingy – Thanks to a fab Youtuber I found on the FAQ section of the website there is a recipe for moose for a punch in the sweet spot.

So still going strong and 1/10 done, yay, only 9/10 still to go, sad face.

Ciao for now peeps