Okay, so I really am in at the deep end.  It’s day two and I’m in pain.  The HIIT workouts are very tough, especially for someone that gets tired playing Fifa.  I hope that my fitness level increases before my body breaks, but I guess no pain no gain.

One of the best things about this plan is just how accessible the things are, Joe has done a great job of getting himself known.  There are tonnes of workouts to select on youtube and Facebook, meaning you don’t just repeat the same celebrity workout DVD each day.  He is almost there with you, feeling the same things, he’s not there smiling and laughing through it all, like you he’s, hurting, grunting and getting breathless.  For me it’s a comfort that someone as fit as Joe still gets like that doing exercise, as it would be at that point, when I see Davina still bouncing around and happy that I would give up.  It helps make the once seemingly impossible feel possible.

The foods not bad either, don’t get me wrong it’s no steak and chips but it’s okay.  You do get lots of it as well, they are massive portions so you don’t feel like you are being too restricted.  In order to get the best from the food however you do need to plan, its a lot of cooking for just one meal so I have started making batches. I am also loving the Coconut oil it tastes great and is far more satisfying than spraying the lo-cal stuff.

One of the biggest revelations I have had with this health plan is that nothing changes without hard work.  Other healthy plans I have tried have simply focussed on your diet, and slowly reducing your intake, they pay next to no attention to your fitness levels, surely they go hand in hand.

Well it’s still early days but the signs are good.  I hope to get fitter and stronger over the next few weeks unless the workouts kill me.

Stay tuned people