So I got the plan about a week ago and am very eager to start.  That’s right, unfortunately there have been some issues getting in the way of me actually starting yet but not to worry, I will soon be on the road to success (more positive self-talk than anything else).

February has been a bit of a baron month monetarily speaking so I haven’t been able to buy all the gubbins I feel I need to get going.  I was a bit shocked (or maybe naive) at the amount of supplements and proteins you need to buy, not to mention the added costs as they are very expensive and I would need to fork out another £60-£80 on top of what I have already paid for the plan (It would have been a good idea to send me an e-mail with all the other things on after I had paid and was waiting for the plan).  To be clear he does say that you don’t have to buy the supplements but that they help a lot, so why would I not want to give myself the best shot at health.

I went to the local health shop and tried to get my head around Proteins, BCAA, Whey, Multivitamins and the such, but as it turns out my brain just isn’t that malleable.  I was confronted with a wall of promise laden,  self-esteem boosting, fat shredding, bulk building powders that would basically turn me into The Hulk (Secretly though, I would love to be The Hulk…..‘PUNY HUMANS’).

However staring at the wall like a lost tourist at a map, the shop assistant took pity on me and asked if I was okay.  Fighting the urge to run out crying, I asked her for some help. After much deliberation I decided that I would buy a simple Whey Protein that promotes weight loss and muscle repair and to buy a good Multivitamin to take once a day.

So I am almost ready to start and I thought that it would be a good idea to go online and have a little go of one of Joe’s HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts.  Not three minutes in and the twins (yes I have two year old twins) come in screaming at daddy because they have no clue what I am doing and it looks as though I am trying to kill myself. I try to carry on but the screaming continues, when in steps my nine year old Labrador, Gus, and he decides  that he should bark and head-butt me till I cease.  I now realise that I need to get up at about half five in the morning to do a workout in peace before everyone gets up.  #sadface

All that’s left now is to ‘plan like a boss’ and cook my first weeks meals to make it as easy as possible.  I have already bought enough Tupperware to sink an ocean liner.

Wish me luck I’m going in and if I’m not back in a week or so…..just wait longer.