cropped-imag1235.jpgOkay, so here it is, my first blog.  I am a dad, husband, dog owner, youth worker, geek and gamer.   Having reached the ripe old age of 36 I have decided that ‘enoughsenough’, it’s time that I tackle my life long affliction of………..wait for it……………being a fatty.

Having three young children is tiring at the best of times but when you are a bit of a tubs it’s down right knackering and I am done, fed up, through with it.  I have tried slimming in the past with such things as Weight Watchers and Slimming World and for the first few weeks I do great, but then that pesky thing called life gets in the way and I have to miss a week or am ill and as soon as I miss one session I am then looking for excuses to miss the next one, and the next and so on.

This time around though I want it more.  I have signed up to The Body Coaches (Joe Wicks) plan the 90 Day SSS Plan.  I heard of him through a buddy and started following him on Instagram (@thebodycoach  #Leanin15) the pictures were amazing and I wanted to be one of them.  It took a few months before having the nerve to jump in though.   The plan costs about £150 all at once or over three months, you get a tailored plan just for you and your own coach who is there for you through the process (albeit via e-mail).  I had to fill out a huge questionnaire, in which I had to write down what I would eat in a normal week.  This in itself was horrible and it’s easy to see why I am as big as I am.  Then I had to attach pictures of myself in swimming shorts (it’s not good being able to see what everyone else sees as opposed to how I look in my own head).

I travelled to my local Tesco to get weighed and measured and was horrified that I am 18st 9lb, that’s 118.8kg in new money (the largest I have ever been) which means I put on about a stone over Christmas.  The real shocker though was that 50% of me is just fat.  There’s an incentive if ever one was needed.

With money paid and questionnaire completed I simply await the arrival of the pack, which includes my eating and exercise plans.  I am using these last few days to enjoy my old life, having my favourite meals before it begins. DUN DUN DUUUUUN

Why the blog then Mr?  I wanted to record my progress through this plan and then into the future, so that I had a map of the journey I have travelled.  I also hope that it will keep me a little more invested in making these changes.

Not sure if I have the man-berries to put the pictures up of myself yet because basically put I’m a coward.  But I will have a balls-out approach to my blogging.  I will share everything about this time without sugar coating anything.  It’s kind of an outlet for my experiences but if you read it and like it, well that’s just spiffing.